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ID Jet Printer
Thermal card Printer
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Inkjet Technology
Thermal Disublimation Technology
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The printing process is Fast with 6 Color
The printing process is slow with 4 Color
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Excellent quality with 3200 Dpi
Poor quality with 600 Dpi
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Low manufacture cost Rs 0.50 per card
High manufacture cost Rs18 per card
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No line Edges Problem
Printing line edges problem
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Color remains intact for a longer period
Color starts fading away quickly
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Most user-friendly
Complicated process
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Speed 2.4sec per Card
Speed of printing 45sec per card

Icard Printers

Introducing highly durable ID printers with advanced Inkjet technology
  • We modify and supply printers of EPSON and we convert it into Inkjet ID printers. The model numbers are L800 AND L801
  • Two types of Inkjet ID printers viz., Manual ID printer and Automatic ID printer. Both are equally efficient and cost effective
  • Manual ID printer prints 10 PVC cards at a time while Automatic ID printer prints 100 PVC cards at a time
  • Printing cost for both side printing is only US $ 0.01
  • Speed of both printers is faster than ever which saves your time.
  • The color remains intact for a long time after printing without fading.
  • Both the printers require very low maintenance and are highly efficient and user-friendly.
  • Instant live technical support by our technical experts if you face any problem regarding printer.
  • Perfectly finished quality with excellent appearance of printed cards.
  • The printer becomes more efficient with every use.
  • Software absolutely free with both printers - Quick ID card maker software free with Manual ID printer and INSTA card software free with Automatic ID printer

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